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Free Booking & Appointment Management Plugin for WordPress – Bookit

Easily manage and schedule appointments, and bookings on your WordPress website with the free Bookit plugin. No matter what type of appointment or bookings business you have, Bookit works for everyone. Packed with features and backed by the expert team behind The Events Calendar.

Bookit is ready to go out of the box. It’s also extensible, easy to use, and completely customizable.

The Best Booking Plugin for WordPress

Bookit is everything you need to power your appointments and bookings business. Features in the free version include:

  • Online scheduling with a click 24/7
  • Accept payments online using Stripe.
  • Three types of calendar view – daily, monthly, weekly
  • Removes paperwork.
  • Customers can use any device to schedule a meeting at any time they want.
  • Check the availability of the dates and submit a booking in under 5 minutes.
  • Printable confirmation protecting your business and the customer.
  • Notifications about upcoming appointments.
  • Choose the service and employee of their choosing.
  • User-friendly admin interface and intuitive design.
  • Flexibility for any business model.
  • Working dates and hours can be defined for each service/staff member.
  • Each service can have its price and duration.
  • Automatic price calculation.
  • Custom options to fit your brand identity.
  • Responsive front end and back end design.
  • Simple installation and integration process.
  • Appointments dashboard for admin.
  • Seamless Integration with both Elementor and WPbakery.

Why Use an Appointment & Booking Plugin?

By implementing Bookit on your website you can benefit from an all-in-one appointments, bookings and reservations system. Run your business from your website including managing appointments, scheduling staff hours and take payments online 24/7.

Bookit works for any use case that requires appointments, bookings or reservations including; in-person classes and teaching, garages and mechanics, medical professions like Doctors & Dentists, Lawyers, Health services like Spas and so many more.

Go for Pro With BookIt Pro

Extend the best WordPress appointment plugin with more features including WooCommerce integration and Google calendar integration.

  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Complete Google Calendar integration
  • Custom fields drag-and-drop.
  • Date & Time availability check.
  • Payment configuration takes only a couple of minutes.



This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Please find more details on Plugin Installation in documentation
  4. Set Up Page in Menu -> BookIt.


How many booking forms can I create?

You can create as many booking forms as you need. The plugin does not limit you allowing to create the desired number of calendars.

Can I set up notifications?

With BookIt you can set up custom notifications and adjust email templates. In the plugin settings, you are able to prepare the email notifications for various activities on the website such as new appointment submission, appointment update, and others. Add all the needed elements to create a perfect email template.

Can I get free updates?

Definitely. Once you installed the plugin, you can get free updates every time there is a new version released. Find more information on how to update BookIt in the plugin

Do I need to have coding skills to use BookIt?

Even if you are not familiar with coding, you can easily use our booking plugin. BookIt was developed for a wide range of users with different skills, an easy-to-use dashboard and a neat pack of settings make it very simple to navigate the plugin and create appointment calendars.

What payment methods the plugin supports?

The PRO version of the plugin supports several online payment methods. Among them PayPal and Stripe. Also, BookIt is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, which also allows users to checkout via WooCommerce.

Can I create different calendars for different services?

You can create booking forms for any service. For more convenience, you can surely build separate calendars for the services you provide. This also will be more comfortable for your users.

Is it possible to add a booking form to any page?

Yes, you can insert the calendar into any page of your WordPress site. We have provided several ways for that: you can use either a unique shortcode, which can be easily generated for the calendar or use the page builders’ widgets. Both methods take minutes to complete the form integration.


April 9, 2024
Worked great for me. Even the free version offers lots of features that others charge for. Also, seeing the Events Calendar team picking this up means future updates coming up rock solid. Thanks!
March 2, 2024 1 reply
Looks like StyleMixThemes is going for increase of revenue with less effort. First I discovered it with their Themes. Now with this plugin. I’ve had this plugin for years, removed it after I no longer offered any services, and now I want to reinstall it, and the Google integration is now a 19,99 add for 1 site. Also paid services is a paid add on. So don’t be triggered by the free plugin. It’s not easy to use without the additional paid integrations.
October 27, 2023 1 reply
Payed Plugin crashes when you choose your own colours. It is also a big minus that between booking you don’t have an option for a break time. Also I have noticed if the booking appointments is a three hour long and it starts from 9 am – 12 pm.. than the other costumer has the option to book it from 10 am – 1 pm – which is not ok. If someone books the first hour, than you can not book until 12.15 pm. or 1 pm. This is why period time is needed, and so the other booking do not cover them selves up. Please fix this.
September 25, 2023 4 replies
I had 2 problems with this plugins (the free one and the 2 sold) : the plugin is not fully translatable, even using Loco Translate. You have to edit the plugin files, which is painful and risky. The other problem was with the Google Calendar synch, that didn’t work for me even following step by step the documentation and reinstalling/retrying from scratch multiple times. I opened a ticket. Waited and waited. After 6 days, I asked for a refund. Suddenly, someone was ready to help me. It was too late, I already found another solution that works well on my site. THEY REFUSED TO REFUND THE PLUGINS ($200!) despite being 6 days after buying it, and asking repeatedly for assistance without being answered!
March 25, 2023 5 replies
Plugin is not compatibile with PHP 8.X E-mail notifications doesn’t send… The rest of functionalities works.
February 17, 2023 1 reply
How to active Auto Approve all appointments? It’s not easy for clients to keep logging in wordpress to approve appointments
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2.5.0 2024-07-18

  • Feature – Add Stripe Connect as a payment option. [BI-13]
  • Feature – Add PayPal Legacy as a payment option. [BI-13]
  • Fix – Fix settings import that failed on the file type. [BI-4]
  • Fix – Prevent fatal error in PHP 8.0+ on Add-ons page if service returns no add-ons. [BI-6]
  • Fix – Fix date and text search in the Appointments admin list. [BI-8]
  • Fix – Add phone validation to appointment forms. [BI-5]
  • Fix – Sanitize inputs of the appointment form in VUE. [BI-5]


fixed: Minor bug fixes.


fixed: Minor bug fixes.


fixed: Resolved vulnerability based on a report from PatchStack
fixed: Minor bug fixes


fixed: Minor bug fixes.


fixed: Resolved vulnerability based on a report from PatchStack


updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3


updated: Freemius SDK update.


updated: Security update.


fixed: The “Authentication vulnerability” reported by Wordfence is fixed.


fixed: The authentication Bypass vulnerability is fixed.
fixed: The demo import did not complete and returned a 500 error on the console.


fixed: Minor bug fixes.


fixed: Compatibility with PHP 8 to ensure appointments can be created successfully.


fixed: Deprecated functions of Elementor are replaced with actual ones.


fixed: Minor bug fixes.


fixed: Deprecated Elementor methods.
fixed: Appointment Statuses PHP Error.


new: Quick premium support button in WP dashboard (for applying the issue tickets) and personal support account creation.


updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
fixed: Inappropriate load of graphical elements on “Contact Us” page


updated: Security update


updated: Dashboard translations for static strings
fixed: Bug with staff before loading the services for them
fixed: WordPress 5.9 ‘twenty twenty two’ theme style fixes
fixed: AWS loader confilict fix
fixed: Dashboard style errors are fixed


new: Added new feature roadmap for Bookit
updated: Freemius SDK 2.4.2
fixed: Show minimal price in step-by-step Bookit form
fixed: For the same price, remove the word From
fixed: Not show “from’ If price is equal for the staff


added: Use WordPress time format for appointment time
updated: Translations for step by step view, updated pot file
fixed: Show client comment from appointment form
fixed: Change appointment status from customer tab
fixed: Send notification to admin email if it was changed from Settings
fixed: Import Bookit data from file fixes


fixed: Admin Dashboard notifications lag


updated: Admin Dashboard notifications updated


fixed: Shortcode logic issues ( correct data for fields depends on choosen values in admin ; frontend – set staff services and categories if staff ID in shortcode, etc.)
fixed: Сonnect staff to google calendar button style (*Google Calendar addon)
fixed: Min height for appointment on dashboard
fixed: Show day off by black color
removed: Hover/focus on inactive days
removed: All fonts from frontend
added: Close option for date and time blocks after selection (mobile devices)


fixed: The ‘show currency symbol’ setting on service step for the step-by-step view.
updated: The WordPress user with Administrator role can not be connected to BookIt staff


added: Services that are not assigned to any Categories will not display in the booking calendar.
added: Add to Calendar button added on the last step of appointment creation for Standard Calendar Template
added: Admin Dashboard notification
fixed: Step by step Calendar Template style fixes


new: Step by step calendar template with six stages of making appointments: Category step; Date & Time step; Details step; Payment step; Confirmation step.
added: Categories without any Service will not be displayed on the appointment booking process.
added: Step by step calendar template is set by default for mobile devices
added: Calendar templates section with Default and Step by step calendar templates
added: Add to calendar button added on the last step of appointment creation
added: ‘Clean all on delete’ option that deletes all database tables and plugin settings on plugin uninstallation.
updated: Dashboard General Settings style updated
added: Woocommerce custom title and custom icon for step by step calendar template (Pro)


fixed: Bookit Payments add-on deactivation issue


added: Links to purchase add-ons on the landing page.
fixed: Bookit Payments add-on icon


new: WordPress user roles for bookit staff and bookit customer
new: Sender Name and Sender Email fields on Settings for changing default WordPress sender details in notification emails
added: Staff assignment as a WordPress Users
added: WPML translations for email templates
added: Google Calendar add-on section on Settings
added: New tab to buy add-ons in the free version of the plugin
added: Confirmation email for appointments for Staff
fixed: Style fixes in Appointments section
fixed: Date/Time issue in Appointments section
fixed: The Staff disappeared if service written in cyrillic


fixed: CSRF issue fixed in appointment actions


added: Feedback module inside BookIt settings
added: Roadmap voting in BookIt settings
added: New payment type “free” for free services.


fixed: Book appointment bugfix


added: Two or more calendars on one page
added: Notification alert if WooCommerce is not installed
added: Create appointment from dashboard appointment list section
added: Create appointment from dashboard calendar section by clicking on chosen date
added: Create customer while creating an appointment in dashboard
added: Customer autocomplete field while creating appointment in dashboard
added: Notification alert before deleting staff, service, customer or category that shows all related data to the object that will be deleted
added: Time slot duration setting
fixed: Style issues in plugin dashboard
fixed: Style issues on service list and booking form
fixed: Use staff price while creating or editing appointment
fixed: Appointment creation after dynamic authorization
fixed: Edit appointment without staff
fixed: Custom price for each staff
fixed: Show error if service time is not available
fixed: Edit/Create appointment blocked open accordion
fixed: Check is email exist before create customer
updated: Database structure changed – payments tables separated from appointment table


fixed: Styles for calendar week view


added: Calendar views added ( Day, Week, Month )
added: ‘customer_phone’ and ‘customer_email’ in email templates settings
fixed: Demo import data updated
fixed: Ability for editing appointments created for the staff member that was deleted
updated: Currency list
updated: Phone validation , minimum 8 symbols
updated: Appointment creation for a free service
updated: While delete customer save customer info for appointment


updated: Default time slot range set to 15 minutes
updated: Correct time slots for staff members
added: Show new phone in appointments If user logged in and input new phone in the booking form
added: New notification when changing service duration – “Changing of the service duration will not affect the existing appointments and will be applied only to new appointments”
added: ‘Delete appointment’ button
added: Notification email settings for deleted appointments
added: Email template for “Delete appointment” notification
: ‘Update appointment’ button, update appointment status, payment status and other fields
fixed: Date input for Chrome
removed: Autofill working hours end time and breaks for staff members
fixed: Inability to create free service
fixed: Style issues on category/service slider


  • fixed: Scrollbar for booking details modal window on small screens
  • fixed: The booking form doesn’t work if no active payment methods set
  • added: Validation for add category form
  • added: Validation for staff form
  • added: Validation for services form
  • added: Validation for customer form
  • fixed: Bottom scrollbar appearance
  • fixed: View full letters inside the input fields
  • fixed: Border appearance on active field
  • fixed: Rows height in booking details modal
  • updated: Demo import data updated
  • added: Icon for export JSON on Settings page -> import/export tab
  • fixed: Buttons alignment on Settings page -> import/export tab
  • fixed: Special symbols for the translation
  • fixed: ‘Day Off’ value saved incorrectly 00:00:00 instead of Null while adding and updating working hours
  • fixed: Arrows appearance for service scrolling
  • fixed: Last service elements appearance from the list
  • added: Hide services that have no staff assigned to it
  • fixed: Show correct tab on settings page after page refresh
  • added: Show selected file on import JSON with styles
  • added: Error messages from the server if import JSON or import demo returned error
  • fixed: Select file button pseudo-element style
  • updated: Currency in main settings now applied for all payment types (autocomplete by name and currency code, can choose by buttons)
  • added: Bookit form validation for user “book appointment”
    • check the full name ( from 3 – 25 letters)
    • check phone if exist
    • check email (email is required if booking type = registered_user)
    • check is exist phone or email if booking_type = guest
    • check password and password confirmation fields if booking_type = registered user
  • fixed: Styles for icons on the calendar on hover for small screens
  • fixed: Text alert style for redirect URL info
  • added: Security features


  • added: Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (3D Secure)


  • fixed: Copyright text removed


  • fixed: Copyright disabled for Pro Plugin


  • added: Plugin Copyright
  • added: Import / Export feature
  • fixed: Print Appointment Confirmation bug


  • added: Stylemix announcements in admin dashboard


  • Guest Booking bug fixed


  • Icon field added to Services
  • Trimming titles issue fixed


  • Plugin Refactoring


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Features improved.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • First Version of Plugin.