This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BuddyPress Groupblog


Requires BuddyPress 1.7+ and PHP 5.3+.

The BuddyPress Groupblog plugin extends the group functionality by enabling each group to have a single blog associated with it. Group members are automatically added to the blog and will have blog roles as set by the groupblog admin settings.


  • P2 integration and frontend posting.
  • Admin can set Template specific groupblogs.
  • Allow group admins choose the desired template page themselves.
  • Full blog theme integration. The included bp-groupblog theme mimics the group pages.
  • Automated blog registration at group creation stage.
  • Bypass default blog validation to allow dashes, underscores, numeral only and minimum character count.
  • Blog privacy settings are initially inherited from group privacy settings.
  • Group members are automatically added to the blog.
  • Blog roles match group roles as set by the group admin.
  • Solid error checking that the blog follows validation.
  • Group admin tab to access the group-blog settings.
  • Blog themes will have the ability to pull in group info and create a theme that could resemble the group exactly.
  • Leaving the group will downgrade the member role to ‘subscriber’.
  • Allow the group admin to select one of his/her existing blogs.
  • A new ajax backend.


  • Screenshot of the group blog creation stage.
  • Screenshot of the group blog page.


1) unzip the file into /wp-contents/plugins/bp-groupblog

2) move all the themes in bp-groupblog/themes/ to your WP themes folder

3) activate the plugin

4) run through the admin setup options

5) You are done!


August 27, 2018
Does not work/display. Tried on various themes and WordPress installs. I keep giving this ONE star, but it automatically updates to five starts when I submit.
March 21, 2018
It’s unfortunately as this seems like a great plugin. Perhaps the developer should think about charging as this is the only plugin of it’s type that I can find. Not updated in 2 years and no support responses to anyone that I can see.
October 25, 2017
If you have a modern version of Wordpress, dont bother to install it. It doesnt work.
September 3, 2016
This plugin has great potential. The idea and demand is there, but the documentation and support is not. I would gladly pay for this plugin if it had better function and application documentation – which I am sure would reduce the demand on the support forum.
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  • When a user leaves the group, remove them altogether from the group blog.
  • Fix cache invalidation problem that caused a failed attempt to fetch a deleted group.
  • Internal improvements to reduce direct database queries.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8+.
  • Improved compatibility with latest versions of WordPress.
  • Improved translator comments.
  • Improvements to inline documentation.


  • Use group avatar on Site Directory for groupblogs, rather than creator user avatar.
  • Allow query args for page butons on blog tab to be filtered.


  • Fixed activity stream behavior for comments from non-logged-in comments.
  • Fixed redirectblog behavior for hidden groups.
  • Improved values passed to filters.
  • PHP compatibility fixes.


  • Bumped PHP requirement to 5.3 and BuddyPress requirement to 1.7.
  • Added support for comment activity recording.
  • Fixed activity pagination on BP groupblog templates.


  • Bumped BuddyPress version requirement to 1.5
  • Fix bugs related to groupblog role sync when joining/leaving a group
  • Improved compatibility with BP 2.6+


  • Improved accessibility for radio buttons
  • Update group last_activity when groupblog post is created


  • Removed duplicate CSS selector in nav item
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.2.0


  • Allow some simple HTML in groupblog post titles in activity stream
  • Add ‘new_groupblog_post’ type to activity filter dropdown


  • Better wording for activity filter dropdown


  • Prevent fatal error when blogs or activity component is disabled


  • Don’t suggest blog domains longer than 63 characters, for better standards compliance


  • Delete groupblog activity item when the groupblog post is deleted
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4+


  • Fixes duplicate activity items on some setups
  • Allows activity commenting based on global bp-disable-blogforum-comments setting
  • Corrects activity link URL for groupblog activity items


  • Improved CSS for theme previews
  • Improves performance when setting up group with JS disabled


  • Fixes problems with groupblog redirects
  • Ensures that blog roles are repaired when users are banned or removed from a group


  • Security improvements
  • Fixes some markup, deprecated function calls, and PHP variable reference bugs
  • Fixes a number of bugs related to group member syncing and groupblog URLs on certain setups


  • Fixes bug with blog autojoin
  • l18n improvements
  • Fixes switch_to_blog() bug
  • Impovements to consistency of menu display


  • Refactors the process that adds members to group blog, to improve performance with large groups
  • Fixes bug that caused blog post activity to be posted to the incorrect group on some setups


  • Allows group admins to specify blog address and title at the time of creation
  • Ensures that ‘Enable group blog’ checkbox is checked when returning from a failed blog creation
  • Enables admins to ‘uncouple’ groups from blogs


  • Compatibility with BuddyPress 1.5
  • Cosmetic changes to the P2 BuddyPress to match the default BuddyPress
  • Bug fixes related to blog autojoining


  • Added support for subdomains, big thanks to Lemmy
  • Added the ability to select layout for group admins
  • Added check to make sure Layout options are only available to P2 BuddyPress theme
  • Generated a new pot file


  • Generated a new pot file


  • Fixed readme
  • Fixed template page creation on existent blogs with missing template pages or matching page titles.


  • Fixed Blog tab visibility based on redirect
  • Added code to set front page under ‘reading’ admin setting when template layout is used.
  • Changed the descriptions a bit under the settings menu.


  • Fixed users being added properly to the group blog.
  • Fixed user rights applied to correct blog. The main blog is no longer affected.
  • Fixed hidden and private groups to allow member joining.


  • Overhaul of the admin section
  • Inclusion for P2 support
  • Variety of new options, including template control
  • Made compatible with 3.0 asaik


  • Sorry I neglected this plugin for a while and did not transcribe the changes.


  • Restructed templating. To control the sidebar of your group, you will need to move the bp-groupblog/groupblog folder to buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/.


  • Changed group template behavior and structure
  • Added admin option to redirect to Blog Home within the Group


  • Groupblog were not created for existing groups, now fixed
  • Fixing the issue above also solved main blog posts within groups


  • Made it compatible with WPMU 2.9 / BP 1.2
  • Moved the moment when the blog is actually created to the group save step
  • Updated the included theme to reflect the new BP Default theme
  • Added new admin option, such validation overrides and redirect option


  • Prevented group creator from demoting him/herself to anything lower than administrator.


  • Reworked all the code regarding adding users to the groupblog
  • Users are now immediately added on group join (No more visiting the blog first!)
  • Promoting, Demoting, Banning and Unbanning directly adjusts the member permissions
  • Big thanks goes out to Boone for developing much of the needed code!


  • Added missing registration hook, to ensure default settings are set.


  • Removed unnecessary code, fixing mysql errors.
  • Added Blog links menu.
  • Changed the local to use ‘groupblog’ in group template files.


  • Added a function to check BuddyPress is loaded first


Updated language files


  • Added admin settings screen. You can now set the default groupblog theme, plus some bonus options.
  • Changed some code here and there.
  • Including a groupblog theme based on the bp-sn-parent theme. You can use this theme to make wpmu blogs resemble the BuddyPress group and display group related content inside the groupblog theme.


  • Added a message to inform the user that a groupblog is only chosen once.


  • Fixed a bug where the member roles were not being updated upon group creation.


  • Added file_exists to various files, so templates can be overridden in the theme. This also means we had to move the resource folders back into the theme folder.


  • Now using plugin-template.php, so there is no longer a need to move the groupblog folder to the active theme folder. Also updating the plugin through the wordpress plugin interface now works without problems.


  • Updated language files.


  • Improved jquery handeling on check boxes and radio buttons.


  • If a member leaves the group they will now be downgraded to ‘subscriber’.
  • Added template tags: groupblog_blog_id($group_id), get_groupblog_blog_id($group_id), groupblog_group_id($blog_id), get_groupblog_group_id($blog_id)
  • Group admin now has the option of either creating a new blog or associating one of his blogs with the new group.
  • Moved css, images and js folders to the theme folder.
  • Added Jquery to give feedback to user input.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the group creator to be demoted to subscriber of his own blog if member blogging.


  • Initial release.

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